New Website!

Stay tuned for our new website!

Launching SOON!

10 Comments on “New Website!

  1. Nice website, but with NO catalog, how do you expect to make any money selling stuff?

    • Sir,

      If you click the “Shop” button at the top of the screen it will take you to our online catalog where you can view and purchase all the items we carry. If you have any questions feel free to email us at

      • Hi. I had the same issue as Curt. I’d like to suggest that you add “catalog” as a choice on the “Shop” drop down menu. While I realize that’s a bit of a duplication, it would clear up some of the confusion. Just a thought. Thanks.

      • Ed,

        We have sent these suggestions to our web designer and we will try to add these fixes to the website. We thank you for the input on how to better the site for our loyal customers!!!!!

  2. Since new website launch I have been unable to get to the site. You told me to open a new account but there is no way to do this

    • Ken,

      When you place an order there is an option to select to make a new account after you put you information in. If you have any problems call us and we can walk you through it when you place an order.

  3. I agree with the gentlemen that posted above about the catalog being hard to find. This is especially true on the mobile version of your website where you have to scroll nearly to the bottom of the menu to get to the shop. There is also no link back to the catalog main page without resorting to hitting the ‘back’ button. Please have the web designer go back through many of the item pictures and fix them up. It is impossible to see the detail on some of the items, notably for me the coats I was looking at.

    • Nick,

      We have added an “Online Store” to the store drop down. We are currently working on updating the photos to give better details. Thanks for the input to help us better our website!!!!

  4. I think your new websight is an improvement over your old one. I’ve run out of beeswax candles and my civilian shirt is getting ratty as I need a new one. See you Remembrance Weekend.

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