Shiloh Sharps Farmingdale model.

Reproduction M1863 Calvary Sharps Carbine

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  1. I have the 1863 rifle, I purchased in 1976, from a shop I believe in Connecticut. The price was $300. I probably fired that rifle twice in the forty three years that Ive owned it. Its my pride & joy.

  2. I have a Farmingdale Sharps made in Farmingdale that I bought about 1995. I am a mounted Cavalry rider and my Sharps has the patina of an original. It it still shoots every time and as the previous fellow said ” it is my pride and joy.” I had a main spring break a few years ago. I sent the gun back to the factory in Montana at their request and it came back by return mail, good as new. No charge. No other problems. It has a really nice groove carved in the stock by the carbine snap just like the real ones.

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