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We’re offering these ‘alternate’ federal blankets for use by reenactors and living historians looking for a non-issue blanket for federal and confederate impressions. The blanket is an olive drab/light brown mix blanket.

  • Approximately 62″ W x 80″ L
  • 90% wool/10% synthetic, 24 oz./yd.
  • Dry-clean only
  • Durable Whipped Edges

Due to the lack of blankets after the onset of war Union Troops were asked to bring personally owned blankets to muster. As per General Orders No. 121 of August 29, 1862:
“As the sudden call for volunteers and militia has exhausted the supply of blankets fit for military purposes in the market, and it will take some time to procure by manufacture or importation a sufficient supply, all citizens who may volunteer or be drafted are advised to take with them to the rendezvous, if possible, a good stout woolen blanket. The regulation military blanket is 84 by 60 inches and weighs five pounds.”
“As all clothing, blankets, and shoes issued by the United States to its troops are charged at average cost, and no soldier who furnishes his own blanket is required to draw one, it is to his interest to supply himself and thereby avoid much discomfort, as it is impossible for the United States to supply all the troops immediately.”

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