Civilian Braces (Suspenders) by Wambaugh, White, & Co.


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Made from layered cotton shirting, and with machine sewn edges done with an antique chain-stitch sewing machine, with hand sewn buttonholes and hand made leather end tabs in a split riser configuration. All the hand work in these is done with Wambaugh, White & Company’s superb German linen thread, and is very durable. These are perfect “field suspenders” and will withstand the rigors of the campaign. These excellent reproductions are available in a wide variety of colors and are a steal at $39.95 a set!

Charles Goodyear wrote about braces in his 1855 book, Gum Elastic and It’s Varieties: “This (suspenders) is one of those articles with which fashion has so much to do, and the choice among the different kinds depends so much upon the fancy of the wearer, as well as upon the real utility of the article, that it may be considered presumptuous in anyone to assert absolutely what kind is best.”

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