English Pattern Ball Bag, Made in Gettysburg, PA


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This pattern is the half-moon style 10 round ball-bags used by the British army and imported to the US for use during the American Civil War. The stated purpose of the ball bag was to hold ten rounds of rifle ammunition in the front of the soldier for immediate use while another 50 rounds were kept in package, in the cartridge box at the rear of the belt. On October 21, 1859 the pattern was changed to include the inside loop for the oil can. Our reproduction was faithfully made using the exact measurements found in the English Connection book. It features a bridal leather body and also includes the loop inside for the British oil can (Not Included.) This will make an awesome addition to anyone who carries the British Enfield Musket in the field. Made by our Master Leathersmith in Gettsburg, PA.

May take 1-2 weeks to be made if not in-stock. Please call before ordering if you need it by a certain date.

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