“Field Altered” Fatigue Blouse by Wambaugh, White, & Co. (RQM Exclusive)

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Standard issue contract sack coat cut short, hand hemmed, with extra buttons added. Jackets became increasingly popular with soldiers as the war went on, and many photos show soldiers wearing similarly altered blouses when a true jacket is not available.

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Weight 3 oz
Field-Alt Sizes

38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52

1 review for “Field Altered” Fatigue Blouse by Wambaugh, White, & Co. (RQM Exclusive)

  1. Captain David A. Sulin

    I purchased a W,W,& Co. “Field Altered” fatigue blouse the day after the 155th Gettysburg event ended. In my rush to get home, I, unfortunately, didn’t try it on. Due to a misprinted tag I found myself back home in Maine with a huge (approximately size 50!) jacket. Not to worry though as an exchange was made by the always helpful staff at RQM during a subsequent trip to Gettysburg a couple weeks later. As usual the RQM effort for customer service and satisfaction makes it a pleasure to shop there and I am now in my usual size 44 that fits very well.

    Now for the jacket. Those of you familiar with the high standards of W,W, & Co. products will not be disappointed. The detailing, quality materials, and workmanship are top shelf. For instance (this is my favorite thing about the jacket) the thread color used for the buttonholes that were added during “field alteration” is a different color than the thread used for the original fatigue jacket buttonholes. The lining is high quality and superbly attached. Even the buttons are a step above the usual cheapos being supplied on some jackets out there. The jacket is extremely comfortable and has served me very well in two small events here in Maine and I look forward to more “action” in this coat.

    I highly recommend this well crafted and historically accurate version of a “Field Altered” W.W. & Co. Fatigue Blouse. The level of quality at such a reasonable price will astonish you.

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