Gettysburg, the little town that cried, 1863


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Gettysburg, The Little Town That Cried- The first legitimate copy to be released in 30 years! Digitally remastered from the original LP, to a CD format by the original creators and distributors to keep the authenticity intact! Every Civil War enthusiast will view it as a must have for their collections! This historical detailed account of the three day Battle of Gettysburg is a one-of-a-kind recount of the battle as it describes the days leading up to the bloody encounter in the small Adams County, PA town of Gettysburg. The story is accompanied by background music and special effects that transport the listener back to those historic days. It details the true accounts of the top General’s strategies during these three days, highlighting results if the local battles as well as the exact locations of the Gettysburg battle sites. The original album was used in the 1970’s as a method to generate funds in order to erect the Tennessee monument on the Gettysburg Battlefield to honor the brave soldiers from the State of Tennessee! It was very well received and the monument went from being a dream for the Tennessee Monument Commission to a reality! The State of Tennessee gave our company a Certificate of Appreciation for our efforts on their behalf. It was also available locally and distributed throughout the US through mail order to civil war enthusiasts in it’s original format as an LP. This detailed historical masterpiece will be a great addition to any civil war enthusiasts collection!

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