Ira Lindsey, 25th Massachusetts Infantry, Handkerchief

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The original of this handkerchief was carried by Sgt. Ira L. Lindsey of the 25th Massachusetts, and was among the articles collected from him after he was killed during the Battle of Cold Harbor.It is in the private collection of South Union Mills, and was obtained as part of a collection that included a watch chain and two handkerchiefs.Ira Lindsey was born in July 1825 in Leeds, Maine, and moved to Massachusetts, where he married Mary Estabrook in June, 1857.Ira was a shoe marker and a machinist, and as an adult was a resident of Worcester, MA.In June 1864, Ira enlisted in the 25th Massachusetts Infantry, and participated in the campaigns of that regiment until his death.He was in the Peninsula Campaign, and was promoted to Sergeant following acts of bravery and gallantry.Ira was killed during the Battle of Cold Harbor in June, 1864.South Union Mills’ reproduction handkerchief is a faithful repro of the original handkerchief carried by Ira Lindsey, and measures 24×16 inches and is made of 100% cotton.




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  1. sulin

    I have three different versions of these beautiful handkerchiefs and am very pleased with their quality and the fact that they are copies of the “real deal”. They get a good workout during an event but stand up well. I do suggest, however, that you run them through the wash a couple of times before using them. If not, the color “may” bleed a little onto the collar of your shirt. Two of mine have achieved that authentic “well used” look due to being whetted down and used to wrap my hand for protection against a hot musket barrel. During this period of use they got a good smearing of melted gun grease mixed with black powder that has permanently stained the fabric and given the handkerchiefs a more authentic appearance. They no longer look like Sunday School handkerchiefs. They now have “the look”.

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