M1841 Percussion “Mississippi” Rife wtih Bayonet, Defarbed by John Zimmerman


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This beautiful reproduction M1841 Mississippi rifle has been fully defarbed including the bayonet by the Master Gunsmith John Zimmerman in Harpers Ferry West Virginia.

When young Eli Whitney, Jr. took over management of the Armory in 1842, he set about tooling up under his new contract from the U.S. government for making the model 1841 percussion rifle. Machinery and fixtures for making the 1822 contract flintlock musket had to be retooled or replaced in order to produce the lock and barrel of the new model. Whitney, Jr. had the good sense to hire Thomas Warner as foreman, who, as master armorer at Springfield Armory, had just been making the same kind of major changes there. Thomas Warner had spearheaded the drive to equip the Springfield Armory with a set of new, more precise machines and a system of gauging that made it possible for the first time to achieve, in the late 1840’s, the long-desired goal of interchangeability of parts in military small arms. Under his tutelage, Eli Whitney, Jr. equipped the Whitney Armory to do likewise. This gun derives it’s nickname of the Mississippi rifle from the Mississippi Riflemen led by Jefferson Davis.

Product Specifications:

  • Action: Flint
  • Size: 48 5/8 inch.
  • Caliber: 0.54
  • Capacity: 1
  • Barrel: 33 in. Round
  • Sights: Front and rear Sights
  • Weight: 9-1/2 lbs.
  • Stock/Grip: Walnut – front and rear swivels
  • Color/Finish: Forged Steel Barrel, Brass Barrel bands, Butt Plate & Trigger Guard; “Browned” Barrel

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