M1858 Hardee Hat, Made in U.S.A.


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Made of black felt, starched, leather hat band and with flat brims. Made in the U.S.A.

In 1855 Secretary of War Jefferson Davis was instrumental in the creation of two regiments of cavalry. A board of officers, appointed to consider their equipment, recommended a distinctive hat for cavalry. Because this happened during Davis’ tenure the hat is sometimes called the Jeff Davis hat. It also was referred to as the Hardee hat, after LTC William Joseph Hardee, an officer of the 2nd Cavalry. In 1858 the hat was approved for the entire army, replacing the cap (shako) of 1851. The trim of the 1858 model was somewhat different from that used on the 1855 cavalry model. The hat was made of black felt and had various insignia, which were embroidered for officers and brass insignia for enlisted men. It was looped up by an eagle on one side and decorated with ostrich feathers on the other. The side on which the hat was looped up was changed several times during the period the hat was in use. Comes complete with hat cord, brass branch of service insignia, hardee eagle, and plume.

DID YOU KNOW…? Dear Customer, Below is a quote from the 1861 U.S. Army Regulations regarding the Hardee hat. This information is meant to assist you in your impression. Verify with your unit for their input on how they prefer to wear the Hardee hat. Some Infantry units wear their hat with the left side up; however, original images show that infantry units wore them left or right up.
36. For Enlisted Men – of black felt, same shape and size as for the officers, with double row of stitching, instead of binding, around the edge. To agree in quality with the pattern deposited in the clothing arsenal. Trimmings
38. For General Officers – ….. The brim of the hat looped up on the right side, and fastened with an eagle attached to the side of the hat; …
47. For Enlisted Men, except companies of Light Artillery – the same as for officers of the respective corps, except that there will be but one feather, the cord will be of worsted, of the same color as that of the facing of the corps, three sixteenths of an inch in diameter, running three times through a slide of the same material, and terminating with two tassels, not less than two inches long, on the side of the hat opposite the feather. The insignia of corps, in brass, in front of the hat, corresponding with those prescribed for officers, with the number of regiment, five-eighths of an inch long, in brass, and letter of company, one inch, in brass, arranged over insignia.
49. All the trimmings of the hat are to be made so that they can be detached; but the eagle, badge of corps, and letter of company, are always to be worn.
Hat Size Chart
Measurement in Inches Hat Size Civilian Military
21 1/8″ Small 6 3/4 1
21 1/2″ Small 6 7/8 2
21 7/8″ Medium 7 3
22 1/4″ Medium 7 1/8 4
22 5/8″ Large 7 1/4 5
23″ Large 7 3/8 6
23 1/2″ XL 7 1/2 7
23 7/8″ XL 7 5/8 8
24 1/4″ XL 7 3/4 9
Researched, documented and made to exacting standards for authenticity!

Additional information

Weight 29 oz

7, 7-1/8, 7-1/4, 7-3/8, 7-1/2, 7-5/8, 7-3/4, 7-7/8

Hat Side Up

Left Side Up, Right Side Up

Branch of Service

Artillery, Cavalry, Hospital Steward


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