Model 1808 Bridgewater Musket, Dated 1811, Confederate conversion


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Rare Model 1812 .69 caliber smooth bore musket produced by Rufus Perkins of Bridgewater Massachusetts. The original contract was for 2,500 with 225 believed delivered. This was originally a flint lock musket. It was converted to percussion utilizing a drum conversion. The flint hammer was modified to percussion. This is a known confederate style conversion that was done during the Civil War. The lock is stamped “Bridgewater 1811 next to an eagle stamped into the lock. The barrel has a deep clear US stamp from when it was originally produced as a flint musket. The stock also has the original manufacture inspector’s cartouche. The metal has an untouched brown patina. The 2 original swivels have been removed. This is a very early musket converted from flint to percussion for southern service. 


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