Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) Belt, Made in Gettysburg, PA


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High quality waist belt appropriate at all times for NCOs, or for officer’s when the sword belt is undesirable. Please specify your options for the color of leather, stitched/riveted and desired size in the drop down menus below. Made from Hermann Oak Leather, cotton thread and hand-stitched.  ***Please ensure that you use the measurement at your belly button, and not the size of modern trousers, as the belt is made to sit at your midsection. Made in Gettysburg, PA by our Master Leathersmith.
This item is made to order and may take 2-3 weeks to get in!

Additional information

Weight 12 oz
NCO Belt Size

30-34, 32-36, 34-38, 36-40, 38-42, 40-44, 42-46, 44-48, 46-50, 48-52, 50-54, 52-56, 54-58, 56-60, 58-62, 60-64

NCO Belt Color

Black Leather, Brown Leather

NCO Belt Style

Stitched and Rivet, Stitched Only


Alabama AVC Spoon & Wreath, Alabama Seal Spoon & Wreath, Alabama Seal Sword Belt Plate, CS Spoon & Wreath, CS old English Spoon & Wreath, CS Sword Belt Plate, CS Navy Spoon & Wreath, CS Staff Spoon & Wreath, Dragoon Sword Belt Plate, Georgia Seal Spoon & Wreath, Kentucky Seal Spoon & Wreath, Louisiana Belt Plate, Louisiana Spoon & Wreath, Louisiana Officer 2-Piece Buckle, Maryland Seal Spoon & Wreath, Maryland Sword Belt Plate, Massachusetts Sword Belt Plate, Massachusetts 2-Piece Buckle, Mississippi Sword Belt Plate, Musician Spoon & Wreath, SNY ( Artillery ) 2-Piece, North Carolina Spoon & Wreath, North Carolina Seal Spoon & Wreath, Ohio Sword Belt, South Carolina Seal Spoon & Wreath, South Carolina Spoon & Wreath, Texas Spoon & Wreath, 1826-1834 US Militia Spoon & Wreath, 1839-1851 Regulation 2-Peice, M1851 Regulation Federal Eagle Sword Belt Plate, M1851 Federal Eagle Sword Belt Plate “Private Purchase”, M1874 US Sword Belt Plate, Virginia Seal Spoon & Wreath, Virginia Belt Plate


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