Original 1847 Artillery Musketoon Bayonet


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Original socket bayonet for use with the .69 caliber M1847 Artillery Musketoon. The M1847 Artillery, Cavalry, and Sapper’s & Miner’s Musketoons were among the last smoothbore long arms produced for the U.S. military. 3,359 M1847 Artillery Musketoons were produced between 1848-59 without the ability to mount a bayonet. In 1858-59, an unknown quantity of M1847 Cavalry Musketoons were altered by Springfield Armory for use as Artillery Musketoons. The conversion also included installation of a bayonet stud to mount a socket bayonet.
Bayonet exhibits mottled steel patina and minimal pitting around the throat and a crisp “U.S.” on the flat of the blade. Blade Length is 15″, total length 17-5/8″.


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