Original Austrian M1854 Lorenz Bayonet & Scabbard


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One of the more stand-out bayonets of the American Civil War, the Austrian Lorenz Bayonet has four center ridges. This bayonet is in great condition and serviceable. Medium bright blade exhibits salt and pepper patina with almost no pitting. Left side of the neck is stamped “F”, front of neck “B8” and right side “838”. Leather covered wooden bodied scabbard with steel finial. Hard leather scabbard displays moderate nicks and dings, while remaining solid. Scabbard features a steel finial, steel throat, frog prong and wooden body. Scabbard and bayonet fit snugly and smoothly. A VERY scarce piece! Blade measures 18-1/2″ and total length 21-7/8″.

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