Original Burnside Carbine, 5th Model (SN 15125)


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The designer of this carbine was Union General Ambrose E. Burnside. Bristol Firearms Co. first manufactured Burnside carbines and later it was the Burnside Rifle Co. Between 1857 and 1865 approximately 53,800 carbines were manufactured by these firms, all of .54 caliber. Collectors and writers have categorized the Burnside into five models, with the fifth model being the most produced (44,000). Offered is the 5th or Model of 1864 Burnside, although deliveries began in 1863.

Lockplate is marked “BURNSIDE RIFLE CO / PROVIDENCE = R.I” and inspector mark “B”. Serial number is 15125, which is stamped on the breechblock and receiver. Metal throughout the carbine is heavily pitted, likely due to improper storage for the past 150 years. Walnut dark stock has two original cartouches on left side. Bore has light dust and surface rust however the rifling is strong. A great buy at a great price! **** * ****


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