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The J.E.B. Stuart Sword Hanger became a standard cavalry issue throughout the Civil and Indian Wars, up to 1900. Prior to the onset of the Civil War, J.E.B. Stuart did not like the design of the sword hangers used at that time so he designed and patented his own style of hanger.

In 1859 Lt. J.E.B. Stuart applied for a patent for an improved sword hanger. His device would enable the cavalryman to remove the sword, scabbard, and belt slings entirely without unhooking the scabbard from the belt and leaving the straps swinging loose from the belt rig. He applied for a contract with the US Army. In a famous letter penned on the back of one of his patent flyers he appealed to the Virginia militia for a contract.

To date, no evidence has turned up verifying acceptance or refusal. It is known that the U.S. Army authorized production of the device as a number have surfaced over the years bearing the Frankford Arsenal imprint and Ordnance Dept. stamp on the belt strap. (A variant was also produced after the war with the Rock Island Arsenal stamp.)

Leather sword hanger retains all original brass hardware. Straps are folded and riveted. Leather is supple and demonstrates significant crazing. There are no identifiable Inspector’s stamp.

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