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In overall fine condition for a firearm that has seen two centuries of service. The French 1777 Model Infantry Musket was the last in a long line of modifications to the 1728 model French Infantry Musket. Some of the unique elements of this model are the finger ridges on the trigger guard, a slightly modified front barrel band and the cheek piece carved in the stock’s butt. The .66 calibre barrel is 42-1/2″ long and the musket’s total length is 58 inches. Living its infancy in Europe, possibly seeing service with Napoleon’s infantry during the 1st Empire, date stamps indicate that it was brought to the United States prior to 1838. Walnut fullstock of regulation French Model design with a relief-carved cheek-piece, on the left side of the buttstock and simple raised contours around the lock and sideplate. Unrecognizable French cartouches can be found on the butt of the stock and inside the cheek-piece.

This is an arsenal-conversion from Flintlock, utilizing the Belgian cone method, with its original components and in mechanically functional order with a strong mainspring and excellent timing. Retains a smooth, chocolate brown patina on the furniture and barrel. Regulation French Model iron mounts: three spring-retained barrel-bands– the upper band with a “blade” fore-sight, a screw-fastened trigger-guard with rear finger-spurs, a flat S-shaped sideplate and the butt-plate with a rounded screw-fastened tang. Complete with its original, button-head, iron ramrod and both of its sling-swivels. Butt plate exhibits inspector stamp “H/3535/1838” and the barrel is dated “1841”. Barrel was re-sleeved by Bobby Hoyt.
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