Original M1816 Type II Springfield Musket, Unaltered, dated 1824/1825


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A fine specimen of an original M1816 smoothbore musket, dated 1824 on the lockplate and 1828 on the barrel, and produced by the Springfield Armory at Springfield, Massachusetts. Never converted to cap and ball, this .69 caliber, single shot, 42” long, round barrel muzzleloader retains all its original parts, minus a likely reproduction frizzen spring, in very good condition.

All gunmetal exhibits a surface of very light pitting. The 6¾” long lockplate shows a three-line marking reads “SPRING / FIELD / 1824” behind the hammer and has the early, small “American eagle motif / US” in front. Has the detachable brass flashpan. Mountings are iron. Barrel secured via three iron bands and three band springs. Middle band has the inspector “S” stamp. Barrel breech marked with proof marks “V / [Eagle] / P” that are well-worn along with “N \ b \ 31”. Tang date is “1828 (the 8 is lightly stamped). The cock, battery (frizzen), pan, sideplate and screws are original and in very good condition. Frizzen spring is possibly a replacement.

Black walnut full stock never cleaned or refinished and also is in very good condition. Stock exhibits two deep and clear oval cartouches on the sharp edged flat. A third oval cartouche mark is located underneath the stock at the triggerguard tang along with the initials “AD”. Sub-inspector marks on various components, i.e. sideplate, barrel band, triggerguard, and bottom of stock. Iron buttplate tang horizontal “US” is still crisp. Mechanics are very tight and crisp. Bore is dirty with moderate rust pitting. Steel, button-shaped ramrod is in good original condition and retains its treaded tip. All other iron components are good. Screws sharp and not buggered up.

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