Original M1861 Bridesburg Contract Musket, dated 1863


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This Model 1861, .58 caliber, percussion rifle-musket, dated 1863, is in great condition. Produced at the Alfred Jenks & Co facility in Bridesburg, PA, the musket retains all original parts. The 40” long barrel surface appears to have been well-maintained but not cleaned. Surface exhibits just a few scattered areas of very light pitting with greater pitting at the rear and tang. Barrel, lockplate, C-shaped hammer, butt plate, bands, retaining springs, trigger guard, rear sight, and ramrod all wear a pleasing mottled patina. Lock plate is stamped “U. S. / BRIDESBURG” in front of the hammer and strongly stamped “1863” behind hammer. A sharp and detailed spread-winged eagle motif is stamped on lockplate between hammer and bolster. Steel butt plate strongly stamped with “U S”. Has the original two-leaf rear sight and small blade front sight. Barrel date stamp “1863” on the breech top flat is still visible through the pitting along with the government proof marks “V / P / Eaglehead” on left facet of the breech. Barrel bore still has rifling and only light dust/surface rust. All lock screws, even the bolster screw, are excellent with no buggering. Mechanics are crisp. Black walnut full stock is in great overall condition. Stock exhibits two government cartouches on the flat. No cracks or significant blemishes in the wood save typical dings and wear marks. Retains its steel, swelled shank, tulip-head steel ramrod with a threaded tip, all in great condition. A very fine representative Bridesburg contract musket of the Civil War. **** * ****

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