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A cap and ball percussion sidearm, this specimen is a complete and fully functional Colt Model 1862 Army Pocket Police revolver in very good original condition and made in 1863. The Colt 1862 Police Percussion Revolver is considered by many collectors as the epitome in development of the cap and ball revolvers. Manufactured from 1861 until approximately 1873, it was designed in response to the demand for pocket pistols by both civilians and the police force. One enduring legend states that 1862 Police Percussion Revolvers were particularly popular with Civil War Officers who, rather than using them in combat, relied on them as a defense against over-zealous surgeons determined on amputating a limb on the battlefield.

This revolver is a .36 caliber, three-screw model with a 5-shot cylinder and a 4.5” long barrel. Strong, bright bore. Grips are original two-piece walnut in good condition with expected wear on the edges. Traces of bluing are still present on the barrel with significant bluing remaining on the frame and cylinder. Revolver has matching serial numbers “16985” on the barrel, frame, trigger guard, and butt strap. Barrel address is somewhat obscured but reads “ADDRESS COL. SAML COLT NEW – YORK U.S. AMERICA”. Cylinder scene has been wiped clean. The “COLTS / PATENT” mark on the left side of the frame shows wear but the “36CAL” is strongly stamped into the brass trigger guard. All nipples original and in fine condition. All cylinder safeties still protrude. All screw heads are in very good condition. A classic, wartime production, three-screw Colt Model 1862 Pocket Police revolver in serviceable condition.


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