Original M1893 7mm Mauser Rifle Socket Bayonet


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Socket bayonet for use with the 7 mm. M1893 Mauser rifle. This bayonet is a conversion of the M1871 Remington rolling block socket bayonet.

It is not known when these conversions were done. The most likely period seems to be during the Spanish Civil War of 1936–39. However, this is speculative. The number produced is unclear. Little is known about this uncommon socket bayonet.

The conversion entailed removing the bridge; widening and lengthening the mortise; and adding a wide locking ring; all to accommodate the broad Mauser front sight base.

This bayonet is historically significant as one of only two socket bayonet types ever used with a Mauser rifle. Both were conversions, there never being a socket bayonet actually designed for use with a Mauser.

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