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Presented here is a fine, rare seen example of a breech loading, repeating .50 caliber rimfire Ball carbine that came late (May 1865) to service during the Civil War. Produced in Windsor, Vermont by Lamson & Company, the firm produced just 1,002 of these carbines under contract for the Federal government in 1864. They were delivered in May of 1865 and are generally considered a Civil War arm but they do not appear to have been issued or to have seen actual service. The 50-caliber, seven-shot repeating Ball carbine featured a breech side-loading mechanism that consisted of a lever / trigger guard combination that when pushed down, allowed the shooter to inject up to seven brass rimfire cartridges into the tubular magazine within the forend.

This original specimen features a 20½” long round barrel mated to a two-piece black walnut stock using two barrel bands. Carbine measures a total length of 37½”. Fitted with a sling bar and saddle ring on the left side of the breech frame. Weapon also has a folding rear sight, iron blade front sight and a slightly curved butt plate. The round barrel wears a fine dark blue-black colored patina and very minor pitting and dings. Receiver has some pitting as well but with plenty of case hardening remaining. Stampings on the receiver are worn, with the first line missing, but reads, “————- / —DSOR. VT. / U.S. / BALLS PATENT. / JUNE 23, 1863” Wood has acquired a few dings, cracks and dents and appears to have not been cleaned or refinished. Carbine exhibits crisp mechanics and frame screws are not buggered up.

This Ball Model carbine is an excellent representative cavalry that would fit nicely into any Civil War arms display or military collection.

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