US Pattern 1858, New York Depot Canteen, Stainless Steel

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Stainless Steel canteen made by our Tinsmith, Axel Ulrich of Pennsylvania. This canteen replaced the older Pattern 1840 ‘drum’ canteen and was solely a U.S. design. Although mentioned in U.S. Army Quartermaster Department correspondence as early as 1857, construction of this new type of canteen began in earnest in the fall of 1858, with contractor Albert Dorff producing 21,320 by years end.
THIS canteen is a STAINLESS STEEL reproduction, and steel canteens were not manufactured during the American Civil War; however, once covered few will notice the difference.
Use the drop down menus to build the exact canteen you would like. Select the type and color of cover, strap type, and cork type or just select none for all and you will just get the tin canteen to attach your own cover on.

Additional information

Weight 24 oz
Canteen Cover

Brown 'Drab' Jean Wool by B&B Tart, Natural Light Grey Jean Wool by B&B Tart, Dark Blue Wool, Light Blue Wool, Medium Grey Wool, No Cover

Canteen Strap

Sewn Canvas (New York, Cincinatti and others), Cotton Strap (C.S., Philadelphia), No Strap

Canteen Stopper

No Stopper, Cork & Chain, Cork & Twine

1 review for US Pattern 1858, New York Depot Canteen, Stainless Steel

  1. Captain David A. Sulin (verified owner)

    I had a long wait for this fine canteen, but it was worth it. After some thorough research by friends I opted for the brown drab jean wool covering and cork with chain stopper. I added the brown leather canteen strap, again due to the research done by friends on equipment issues to a particular unit. The cover installation is excellent, obviously done by someone familiar with this process. As the pewter spout is all that protrudes outside the cover the farbiness factor of the stainless steel is mitigated and I can safely take a drink without dealing with the rust chunks and beeswax pieces that I had finally gotten fed up dealing with. The brown drab jean cloth and the stitching is spot on with the cover of an original canteen in my collection. I have punished this canteen through one full re-enacting season and it has served me very well. It was not cheap, but nothing of this quality ever is.

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