Wooden ‘Gettysburg’ Checkers Set


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Checkers, also known as “draughts” (pronounced ‘drafts’) dates all the way back to 3,000 B.C. The modern game of checkers existed prior to the civil war and was played by Union and Confederate soldiers. Checker/Chess boards were made of wood and pieces would be made of wood, bone, pasteboard or anything else soldiers could use as pieces.

In 1861, Milton Bradley produced a set of games called, “Games for Soldiers” that contained The Game of Life, Chess, Checkers, and several games of dominoes, all in an 8-1 board game set. The game boards were thin paper and the playing pieces were made of pasteboard.

The board is 8″ in length and width with ‘Union’ playing one side and ‘Confederate’ on the other. The checkers themselves are made of wood and are white or brown in color.

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